Grammy-Winning Mastering Engineer David Glasser explains why MP3s are inferior to good ol’ CDs

By Mark Collins Daily Camera, Boulder Theater Critic posted 1/27/2012

“If you compare (MP3) with a CD a three minute song on a CD is about 35 megabytes of data” Glasser said.  “A three-minute song as a 128k MP3 is about 10 percent of that.   They throw out 90 percent of the data to get it to be small enough so that you can download it quickly and you can store a bazillion of them on your phone. Something’s got to suffer.

What suffers is the quality of the music, Glasser said.  With less data on an MP3 music file, the richness and depth of sound available to hear lessens when compared to what’s available on a CD.

“MP3s, I have no use for whatsoever, Glasser said.  “I think that all that technology has played a part in really killing the music and the listening experience”

Note:  David Glasser doesn’t do iPods.  He’s got an iPhone, but there’s no music stored on it.